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Husband in a short steel Lori’s tube (kept in place with a Frenum piercing) on his knees in front of his wife doing the very humiliating task of milking his own prostate.

When you’re locked up in long term chastity (more than approximately 21 days) draining the prostate and the seminal vesicles with a prostate milking is a required procedure. An alternative might be a ruined orgasm, but properly ruining a man’s orgasm is extremely difficult and not as efficient as a milking. To me at least, even a successful ruined orgasm, makes me a bit less submissive and takes away some of the constant horniness that is necessary for a chastity lifestyle. A prostate milking does not. After a milking I’m just as submissive and horny as before but my ability to achieve a HFO (hands free orgasm) and the “pressure” is removed.

I guess no man is alike but for me it is necessary to receive/perform a milking every 21-28 days. If I go much longer than 21 days I have no problem achieving a HFO just by tensing and flexing my abdominal and buttocks muscles. This is something both my wife and I want to avoid at all cost.
I’ll post a video showing a hands free orgasm in chastity a bit later.

I often have to milk myself in front of my wife. This is both because a milking is somewhat time consuming and a task my wife finds a bit tedious, but also because my wife knows that the humiliation of the act (when done naked on the floor in front of her) fuels my submissiveness.

It you’re interested in learning more about why and how to drain yourself, your partner or your husband by prostate milking you should check out my earlier post here and here.

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